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About Us

Our Story

We, the passionate travelers, fantasized to find an ideal destination ever since we started our journey to reach here!

Gurgling Streams, Green carpeted hills.

Untouched, Lush green, Majestic trees. 

​​It was Love at first sight of The Promised Land.​

The name 900 Woods Eco Resort stems from the very thought of not to disrupt the exquisiteness of the place by even bringing anything unnatural to it . That’s the biggest challenge we face here while we add anything to this land .We are obligated to the mother nature to uphold this beauty and relish it…

Billows of mist swirling about shrouding your vision and embracing you in its bear hug and crisp air laden with the smells and sighs of the mountain caressing you.

Our Values

Respect: We value our guests, our workforce, our business partners, and our environment

Honesty: We are genuine in our communication and business practices

Quality: We deliver services and products that exceed our guests' expectations

Evolution: We listen, encourage and support different approaches as we continually strive to improve

Our promise

We toured your path in Wayand and mapped how well can you exploit your vacation, we are there for you from the very moment you contact us.

Our Mission

Keep the nature alive. Maintain its purity. Get our guests as close to nature as possible.

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