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If you are done enjoying the nature and putting your cameras to best use, we have arranged more stuff for you. Join our trekking team for a light trek starting at 7AM, and finishing in one hour, in time for breakfast.


With stays of two nights or more, we can arrange for an adventurous, off-road jeep safari into the truly pristine wilderness of the western ghats. These trips can last upto 4 hours and need prior bookings.


Enjoy a cardamom tour, or trek down into the refreshing streams. You may encounter some friendly leeches, so carry some salt or dettol dipped cotton with you to keep the association short. 


Try your skills at badminton, volleyball and archery. Enjoy the flight of the frisbees. Get your hands dirty and feel the earth. Do some farming with our helpful staff. Burn the logs of the water boiler.  Have a dip in the swimming pool, filled with filtered water from mountain springs.

Dont forget to stroll into the beautiful tea gardens of Meppadi on your way back. Or even visit the bamboo forest and handicraft shop of Uravu.

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