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The Resort


900 Woods is 20+ acres of picturesque landscape, set among the tropical forests and hills of thollayiram. Nature is alive, and in its purest form. An exquisite hideaway with a jungle backdrop, a naturalist's dream. Wrapped in the enchantment of a tropical rainforest, cardamom and coffee plantations, and an enormous interlaced canopy formed by majestic trees, leaf littered natural pathways fringed by tropical plants, leads you to the thatched roof restaurant and the earthen adobe built in the form of a Kerala styled Naalukettu,  an architecture influenced by the vernacular of the region. Built using adobe (mud blocks), sourced on site, and an smart mix of natural ingredients, and a traditional tiled roofing, this provides a cool and comfortable stay all year around. The accommodations are spacious, equipped with modern amenities and verandas that look out at fabulous views of the gigantic trees and lush green landscape - an intimate experience of the vista and music of the jungle.

Mornings start with the rousing melodies of birds, and the Giant Red Squirrel begin their antics. The reverberating sounds of the ever-elusive Giant Hornbill fills the air. The day ahead is ripe with possibilities - splendidly plumed tropical birds on overhanging branches, colourful butterflies and the occasional monkeys.  Sunlight peeps in through the dense top green cover, the irresistible lure of the jungle. Evenings are generally welcomed by the Orthopteras' with their well synchronised sound effects resembling the Mexican wave.  The incessant throb of nature is the only clock you will need here. Allow yourself to be seduced by the promise of discovery, bliss and exaltation - body, mind and soul.

The Four Seasons

Monsoon, Spring, Winter and Cool Summer

Resort Climate

The temperatures range from a low of 12 degree Celsius to a max of 27 degree Celsius in the peak of summer.

Carry warm clothing during winter. The nights range from cool to chilling almost throughout the year.

The Food

Sumptuous, authentic Kerala home made style food is provided at the thatched restaurant located on top of the green landscape, giving a nice view all around. The menu is customizable based on your requirements and we can include vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialities.


The facility is secured by barbed fencing to keep wild animals away. There is round the clock monitoring using security cameras. Our security personnel and staff keep a vigilant watch on the happenings.

Situated just 7km from the picturesque Meppadi, you are not too far away from civilisation. Emergency transport is provided at the resort.  The resort is equipped with medical emergency kits. The nearest hospital is about 6km.

Being in a forest region, the facility is run on solar power and generator, and generator will run from 7AM to 8AM and 6PM to 11PM

Tropical forests do have friendly leaches also as inmates, so keep some salt or dettol handy if you don't enjoy their association.

There is no WiFi so that you can enjoy the nature and explore the area, and talk  to each other.

Hot water is provided in the bathrooms in the mornings and evenings from wood fired boilers.

We try  to minimise the usage of concrete to protect the environment, so we use  a 25x12 ft synthetic swimming pool filled with fresh mountain spring water,  with minimal chemical treatment to maintain the hygiene.

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